Click here for more about... "Bricks in the Sand" is the GFLTC display at the NMRA National Train Show  
  in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA - July 19-21, 2002

News Wrap-up

The GFLTC Display noted in Model Railroader! [Date: October 2002]

by: Robin Werner

The Greater Florida LEGO® Train Club gets mentioned in the October 2002 issue of Model Railroader Magazine for it display at 2002 NMRA National Train Show®. Here is part of the story...

"National Train Show wrap-up" (page 35)

"...And for those who simply wanted to watch the trains, more than a dozen operating layouts in all scales, including the Greater Florida Lego Train Club, provided nicely detailed model railfanning action. - D.P."


Robin Werner (left) and KK Quah (right)
  The two man show! [Date: July 26, 2002]

by: KK Quah

The GFLTC (aka the two-man show) had a great time at the 2002 NMRA National Train Show in Fort Lauderdale - themed Tracks in the Sand. So our layout was themed "Bricks in the Sand" Kudos to Robin Werner for organizing the event and being part of it. Show attendance was a super high 22,500+ and broke all attendance records for Sundays at such events. Also, we were featured on at least 2 local TV channels which helped attendance. For all other clubs contemplating the NMRA NTS (next one in Toronto) remember this - besides the Thomas the Train play area we were the only other area that provided some interest for the hordes of kids that showed up with parents. I did about 5-6 workshops a day on Trains, Robotics and Lego Building Tips and it was usually packed with people. Also answered so many questions that most days my voice was talked out at the end of the day.

  The all new Bricks in the Sand goes on-line! [Date: June 1, 2002]

by: Robin Werner

Here you will find the latest news and information on the Greater Florida LEGO® Train Club (GFLTC) display at the NMRA National Train Show®...

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